Thursday, February 17, 2011

Book Review - "Mahashweta" - Sudha Murty


After reading the books
1. गोष्टी माणसांच्या
2. Wise and Otherwise by Sudha Murty, I wanted to read more of her work and hence when I came to know of the Book Mahashweta, I picked it up.

Later on I discovered that there are two books with the name Mahashweta, one in Marathi and One in Kannada and both are on the same theme. The famous Marathi Serial 'Mahashweta' was based on the Marathi book, but nevertheless, I wanted to read both. :)

The book:

The story reveals around a character called Anupama, who is a beautiful and talented girl from a poor family. Dr. Anand, from a rich family marries her, after initially getting attracted to her beauty.

After the marriage, she develops the disease 'Lukoderma' and thrown out of family because of orthodox mother-in-law and not so supportive husband.

The next part, focuses on the pains and suffering she has to face in the society and the way she survives it. Her best friend in college, persuades her to move out of her Father's village and come to the city of Bombay. There she finds job and becomes financially and emotionally independent. The ups and downs in her life are beautifully carved out.

1. Nicely written story
2. Touching the human psyche
3. Thought provoking
4. Survivor Story

Few Excerpts from the book:

"My Experience has taught me this. I have come to realize that courage and confidence are the real wealth in life. Education can improve your chances of success, but ultimately you have to face life all alone. I don't depend on any guru, nor do I read any philosophy. My conscience is my guru and it guides me well." - Anupama says while talking to Dr. Satya.

"I believe that when students love the teacher, they learn to love the subject, too. A teacher is forever young at heart. History has taught me a great lesson. People who built forts and won may kingdoms are not remembered today. I don't do my work so that anybody should remember me; I do it because it gives me satisfaction and contentment." - Anupama says while talking to Dr. Satya.


  1. Some grammatical mistake I found like - "reveals around". I think this is wrong.. It would be "revolves around". hahahahhahahaha

    Otherwise the excerpt is nice and the description is nice and also the understanding is awesome. So I can borrow the book.

    1. First we have to appreciate.we should encourage others.we should not discourage.It's not a great mistake.
      It is more informative,great.